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I haven't been posting a lot on LJ lately. I'm lurking even more--if that's even possible. ]: Bad me. So here's an update!

Let's see... I'm doing pretty okay. Chemistry is still absolutely godawful, but the labs are going better. One of the TAs told a story about how someone accidentally sliced themselves up with a broken pipet and made a tourniquet out of chem wipes and left that day without telling anyone, which is one of the most badass and dumbass things I have ever heard of in my life. Also, I'm supposed to be writing my gender studies midterm right now, but. Procrastinating is much more fun. :D I'm so tireeeeeeeeeed, I should really write this paper.

Hm, what else. Well, the bathroom in our dorm is almost perpetually broken. First it was water (from other people's showers) and, for some strange reason, pebbles leaking from the ventilator in our shower. They fixed it twice, until the water (AND PEBBLES) started leaking from the vent on top of the sinks instead. Then our toilet started leaking. And now one of the shelves on the wall collapsed. Communal living is fun!

I did fencing for a little while but didn't really have enough free time to stick with it for long. Maybe I'll pick it back up next semester though, because it was a ton of fun.

I am tentatively enjoying the new season of SPN.

Back to my paper~


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Oct. 25th, 2010 09:38 pm (UTC)
I am also tentatively enjoying the new SPN season.

Also, that person from chem... wow. How do you even hide that LOL.
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